What To Do After A Bike Crash

  1. Ride Leader should take charge and assign tasks
  2. Dial 911. Administer first aid
  3. Set up a safety barrier if the injured cannot be moved
  4. Move injured to safety, if necessary
  5. Take pictures of the injured, the bike(s) before they are moved, the vehicle, driver’s license and license plate
  6. Obtain contact information of all witnesses
  7. Get the business card of the officer on the scene
  8. Take notes on your phone
  9. Report accident to Club President and VP

Bicycle First Aid 

  1. Call 911 and provide safety for the injured rider. 
  2. 911 calls can be canceled and riders can refuse transport
  3. ADRENALINE can mask or hide the effects of an injury after a crash. 
  4. The injured is not always the best judge of whether medical attention is needed
  5. CUTS/ABRASIONS are treated with clean water rinse, then bandage
  6. MAJOR BLEEDING is treated with firm, direct pressure over the wound. 
  7. Use a shirt, sleeve or bandana. Head injuries may bleed heavily and may require sutures
  8. BROKEN BONES appear red, swollen and deformed

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