Group Ride Classifications

Below are brief descriptions of each of our ride classifications. They aren’t hard and fast rules but simply a guideline to help you make the right choice. The posted speeds listed below are the typical speed that the lead rider will try to maintain. The actual moving average (pace) for the entire ride are typically lower to account for traffic stops, weather, terrain, etc. But remember if you don’t think that you can complete the entire ride at the posted speed, sign up for the ride at the next slower classification.

The faster rides are ‘DROP’ rides which mean that if you cannot keep up the pace, you will be dropped and expected to return to the starting point on your own. The moderate and slower rides are ‘NO DROP’ rides and the group with either wait for you to catch up or accompany you back to the starting point.


'A' Pace (competitive) is for the competitive cyclist in a training environment looking for the challenge to ride at the upper end of their abilities within a group that will push the pace; however, our group rides are not races. The cyclists ride in a tight single line paceline. This is a DROP ride.

A+ posted speed >22 mph

A posted speed is 20-22 mph

'B' Pace (spirited/enthusiast) is for the cyclist who enjoys riding at a fast pace and likes a challenge but is not interested in the race-like training conditions of the ‘A’ group. This is a DROP ride. 

B+ posted speed is 18-20 mph

B posted speed is 17-18 mph

B- posted speed is 16-17 mph

'C' Pace (recreational) is for the cyclist who is more interested in a recreational ride, with planned rest and water breaks if necessary. This is a NO DROP ride.

C+ posted speed is 15-16 mpg

C posted speed is 14-15 mph

C- posted speed is 12-14 mph

'Casual' Pace (social) is for the cyclist mostly interested in socializing, getting a little exercise, and those new to cycling. The group will stop whenever anyone needs water, a rest or just wants to take in the sea air. Road bikes are not required - comfort bikes, hybrids, and cruisers are all welcome. This ride is focused on safety, moderate exercise, and socializing - not speed. This is a NO DROP ride.

 Casual posted speed is 8-12 mph depending on the group

None of our rides are races. If you do not have experience riding in a group, please make the ride leader aware.

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