Email Settings

This page will show you how to change the settings of your email preferences, which allow you to choose which emails you wish to receive.

There are two types of emails you may receive from Vero Cycling:

  1. Event Emails and Announcements - these emails are sent to remind people of our upcoming events.  They include some short information about the ride, including the start time, start location, and the current weather forecast for that day.  They are sent automatically about 24 hours before each event.
  2. Manual Email 'Blasts' - these are non-regular emails sent about specific topics.  They may be regarding safety, special offers, and other news that would be of interest to the club membership.
You can choose to either receive (or not) either type of email.  If you do not wish to see reminder emails the day before each ride, you should turn off the Event Announcements email.  If you don't want to hear from us at all, turn off both types of emails.

To Set Email Preferences 

Email preferences are set in your Profile - to find it, log into the website using your email address and password on the Home page. Once you're logged in, your name will be shown right where you entered your login information, along with a link to your Profile page:

Click the 'View Profile' link, and you will be presented with your My Profile page.  The primary page here will display all your membership details, such as your phone number, address, and so on.  Now is a good time to review these.  Along the middle top, just above the strip where it says 'Membership details', there is a row of links to other parts of your profile.  To get to the Email preferences, click the one that's titled 'Email subscriptions':

This page will display your current email preferences, and allow you to change them.  The two types of emails are in separate sections, each with a checkmark showing your current preference.  If the checkmark is shown, you will receive that type of email.  To change your preference, click the 'Edit Profile' button near the top- the page will change to allow you to make changes to the checkmarks.  Select on or off according to your wishes, then be sure to click the 'Save' button near the bottom to save your profile.

If you saw anything that needed changing on the first page, now is a great time to do that- click the 'Profile' link at the top middle of this page, and then the 'Edit Profile' button to allow changes to all the fields.  Be sure to click 'Save' when you're done.

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