Important Notes:  
1. If you are new to riding in pace groups, please let one of the leaders know so that they can work with you to help you learn how to ride safely in a pace group.  If you would like some basic training on cycling safety, please contact one of the League Cycling Instructors listed below.  Bicycle helmets are required on all Vero Cycling rides.  

2.  Please click the 'Register' button for rides you will attend, and sign up for the ride.  This allows us to contact you through email should anything on the ride change (weather issues, etc).   If you want to confirm the details for any of these rides, please email or call the ride leader.

3.  The ride leaders below are all volunteers.  There will be days when some or all of the ride leaders cannot make the ride due to other commitments.  On those days, the ride (or at least a particular pace group) may be self directed.

4.  A sign-in sheet will be provided at each ride, containing a Waiver of Liability and a spot for your emergency contact information.  Please sign in, this is a requirement for riding with the club.

All regular Vero Cycling Club rides are hosted by one or more of our Vero Cycling Club Ride Leaders.  

Only seeing a few rides??

Vero Cycling hosts at least 7 group rides per week, at all riding paces- if you're only seeing one or two, you are either not logged into the website (do so on the Home Page), or you're not yet a member.  We welcome everyone to a select number of our rides- to join us on our other regularly scheduled club rides, please consider joining us!  If you're in town as a guest, please contact our Membership contact for information as riding with us as a short-term guest.

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