What To Do After A Bike Crash

  1. Assure the safety of yourself and the group   
        Get off the roadway if possible
        May need to drag injured off of road if it is too unsafe (blind corner, overpass)
        If not, alert oncoming traffic by any means
        Preventing another accident with traffic is very important
  2. Call 911 for any injured riders (unless injuries are obviously very minor)
        Greater speed of crash = more likelihood of injuries
        Call early, EMS can always be cancelled
        EMS has the training, experience and equipment to assess and treat the injured rider
        After EMS assessment, a rider has the final say as to treatment/transport decisions
        Remember that adenalin can mask or hide the effects of an injury after a crash
  3. Cuts/abrassions are treated with clean water rinse, then bandaging
        Major bleeding is treated with very firm, direct pressure over the wound
        Use a shirt, sleeve, bandana in a pinch
        Facial injuries may bleed heavily
        Sutures are needed if cut is wide and will not heal on its own

        Broken bones appear as reddened, swollen, deformed areas
        Will likely have pain at the site, lose range of motion in affected extremity
        Treatment includes limiting movement, splinting and X-Rays
        The injured person will often "self" splint an upper extremity fracture    
        Riders with lower extremity fractures often cannot bear weight on injured leg

        Signs of a head injury include: passing out, convulsions, confusion, dizziness
        Requires medical evaluation
        Treatment includes laying person flat, keeping them still/preventing movement until EMS takes over
        May also have spinal injury as well

        Signs of spinal injury: numbness, tingling, paralysis/weakness in an extremity/extremities
        Also may have pain in area of spine that was injured
        Treatment requires person to lay still until EMS takes over

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