About Us

Vero Cycling was established in 2013.  We are a social club that strives to provide group rides, safety training, opportunities to enjoy each others company, and support for the Bicycle community.


  •   During “season” Vero Cycling endeavors to have rides every day.
  •   Rides are offered for ALL LEVELS, casual to race pace.
  •   Rides for ALL LEVELS begin and end in the same place and at the same time.  Pace levels and distances are adjusted to the ability of riding groups.
  • Casual and C rides will not leave anyone a rider behind.  If you experience fatigue, mechanical, or other difficulties someone will always ride with you.


  • Rules of the road are adhered to strictly.
  • League Cycling Instructors provide yearly Safety Training sessions.
  • Designated Ride Leaders attend training sessions every year.
  • Ride Leaders support most rides.


  • Many rides have an opportunity to socialize at a local restaurant after the ride.
  • There are several parties throughout the year. 
  • Our very important “Non-Rider Ambassadors” welcome and assist other non-rider guests at parties and events.  
  • We have specialty rides:
          The Ride of Silence
          The monthly Beer and Dog Ride
          Short and Sweet with a Bite to Eat Rides
          Long Rides and Destination Rides
          The Vero Beach Mural Ride


  • The Ride of Silence is our most important ride.  It is held each May to honor bicyclists who have died while riding and to raise community awareness of the growing bicycle riding population.
  • In partnership with Bike Walk Indian River County and Orchid Island Bikes & Kayaks, our members participate in the Bike Rehab Program which is designed to provide rehabilitated bikes to adults and children in need.
  • Vero Cycling, in partnership with the City of Vero Beach, Indian River County, and Orchid Island Bikes & Kayaks, has installed 3 bicycle workstations at Jaycee Beach, McWilliams Park, and North County Regional Park for use by the community.
  • Indian River County is a Bronze Bicycle Friendly Committee.

Mission Statement:

Vero Cycling, Inc. is a bicycle club based in Vero Beach, Florida.  Vero Cycling was formed to promote cycling in Indian River County, Florida; to encourage all cyclists of all levels, from beginning to advanced; to advocate for cycling related interests; to promote safe cycling; and to encourage respect among cyclists and non-cyclists.

Our League Certified Instructors (LCIs)

Hugh Aaron, Giorgio Res, Sharon LaPoint, Peter Nebenfuhr, Larry Hershbarger, Vicky Gould, and Andy Sobczak

    Vero Cycling, Inc - Vero Beach, Florida

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